The wedding album

The choice of the wedding album is a detail not to be overlooked.

An inevitable detail to make memories of your wedding day indelible.

The most important shots of your wedding day will be kept inside the album. The wedding photo album that I propose for my services is the Kara Japan Book, a high quality album, where the photos will be printed directly on Fedrigoni Splendorgel paper. This particular paper, similar to the card with velvety surface of pure cellulose, gives the shots a high level of detail, able to give maximum emphasis to the images.

The the fabrics of the covers

The finisches are the fondamental aspects in the packaging of the finisched product,they represent the couple’s style and their tastes. All these customizations give the opportunity to create a perfect and unique product for the bride and groom. Often album are created keeping the theme chosen by thespouses for their wedding. The fabrics used are jute,microfibre,panama and weaving.

The album, supplied in 30 × 40 size, has a unique and original design and can be personalized by choosing from a range of more than 100 colors in different materials that will allow you to have a truly unique product in your hands. The album will be delivered to you inside a special elegant and design plexiglass box, covered with the material you have chosen.

The pages will be bound with an elegant and fine Japanese binding that will give your wedding album a touch of class and refinement.

In addition, you can always carry the shots of your wedding with you, thanks to the USB stick personalized with your names that you will find inside your album, kept on the back cover.